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HR-MARSEC began by providing the highest quality security services to high profile maritime clients and following the success of the company within this industry, HR-MARSEC has successfully branched out into other sectors of the Security Industry. We now provide security to only not ports, marinas and maritime vessels, but also to high profile industrial areas.

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  • Highly Professional and Trained Staff
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Draw Upon HR-MARSEC's Diverse Knowledge Base

Experts with Industry Specific Knowledge

At HR-MARSEC, we believe that it is important to put the right people in the right place in order to do the best job possible. This not only applies to our recruiting efforts for clientele, but it applies to us as a company in employing the correct people.

We at HR-MARSEC have a wide variety of personnel who hail from a diverse set of backgrounds.

Each member of the team brings his or her own unique skill set. Whether they be ex-military or ex police officers, a member of the HR-MARSEC family is a person who is experienced and innovative and someone who you can rely on to solve your security problems

E. Friedman, CEO


We draw upon the knowledge base from a diverse range of personnel, both former government and private sector.


HR-MARSEC has established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values that truly reflect our vision and our mission in all of our spheres of operation


With our growth-orientated mindset, we believe that no two problems are ever the same - each challenge is unique - and every problem can be solved.
Setting the Bar High Within the Security Industry

A Diverse & Extensive Client Portfolio With Peace of Mind

At present, no ship secured by the efforts of HR-MARSEC has been boarded or taken hostage. No industrial facility secured by us, has suffered a hindrance to their production, regardless of the nature of the risks faced. No principal secured by an HR-MARSEC CP Team has had to suffer from any threats or attempts made at their wellbeing because not only do they feel safe and secure, they ARE safe and secure. No data which is secured by our professional team has been lost and no client has had their privacy compromised.
By employing HR-MARSEC to attend to your security and risk needs, you will join the clientele above in knowing that you have made a sound investment in securing your person, your loved ones or your assets.

E. Friedman, CEO


If you are seeking the highest level of security for your tangible assets, your data or your loved ones, please contact us at HR-MARSEC to set up a meeting. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Solving Security Problems in a Diverse Range of Sectors

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Do not face the face the risks of today alone or unprepared!

Whether it is the day to day safety of your loved ones, your private estate or home, tangible assets on land or at sea or your data online; HR-MARSEC has both the experience to tackle the problems which you are facing, as well as the ability to solve any new challenges alongside you.

You do not have to drown in a sea of worry and watch the risks of running your business increase! Utilise the services of a security provider and risk management company of the highest level – HR-MARSEC