Tailor-made solutions, unique expertise and out-of-the-box thinking.

HRMARSEC: A Leading Security Provider since 2006

A Message from Our Chief Executive Officer, Eric Friedman

“Welcome to HR-MARSEC, the company that delivers the highest levels of Security both on land and at sea. Whether you are operating cruise ships, cargo/bulk carriers, ferries and other vessels, super mega yachts, marinas and ports as well as private estates, high-end hotels and private individuals; we will work with you to secure your assets and create a safe and secure environment.

Our security principles are not only provided in the traditional physical sectors, but also the in the realm of cyber security and networking. Take the necessary precautions today for a safe and secure tomorrow and do not hesitate to contact me or my staff with your concerns. Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to hear from you soon, in order to discuss how our services will fulfill your needs.

Our Company

HR Maritime Security (HR-MARSEC) is a full service Security Company that provides a wide variety of services to prominent and high profile clients such as:

  • Security services to a fleet of over 40 vessels encompassing most ship types
  • Providing consulting and security planning to high end clients
  • Providing the highest levels of security for industrial facilities and assets
  • Developing, delivering and maintaining comprehensive Maritime security for Port Authorities, terminals and marinas
  • Securing high profile individuals as well as their families, premises and assets
  • Providing services in investigations and intelligence pertaining to safety and security
  • Training top level security operators and equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed in the diverse world of the modern security industry
  • Reducing the risks of a cyber threat and developing comprehensive security solutions in the IT sector
  • Being a leader in providing and training clientele in the most cutting edge security technology and equipment on the market

Our services are delivered and managed by specialists with military, navy, law enforcement, and commercial security backgrounds. These are people who have extensive experience in the both the private and government sectors from the various services around the world.

Our mission and our vision

Our highest mission is to protect the lives of those placed under our care both on land and at sea. In accordance with this mission, we achieve every goal that is set before us in allowing our clientele to conduct their business without fear of threats from crime and terrorism. This mission also includes protecting the integrity and privacy of assets online, as well as at sea and on land.

Our vision is to be the world’s leading Security Company in a dynamic age, offering world-class quality services and exceptional value to our clients.

Our Team

The HR-MARSEC team was originally founded in Israel. However, we have branches worldwide including in the U.S. and Europe. Our team is comprised of qualified instructors and assessors that provide training and services based off their experiences both within the private security sector and the government.

People employed by HR-MARSEC come from some of the most prominent backgrounds in the armed force, law enforcement and intelligence services from both Israel and around the world.

Paving Your Way to a Safe Future

HR-MARSEC Uses Reliable People, Methods and Technology

the Security Industry has seen a rise in the convergence between digital security disciplines and traditional security discplines. We at HR-MARSEC have been ahead of this convergence for a long time, providing integrated and bespoke security solutions online, at sea and on land.

A Commitment to Excellence
HR-MARSEC operates 24/7 when it comes to securing our clients, regardless of whether it is data, tangible assets or the people you care about, you can trust us to keep everything safe and sound.
Peace of Mind
By putting your Risk Management portfolio into the safest hands in the security industry, your company will reduce the risks of its assets being seized, destroyed or compromised, thus giving you the peace fo mind to allocate your energy elsewhere.
Highly Professional Staff
Former soldiers, Intelligence service personnel and police officers from around the globe have contributed to the growth and success that is HR-MARSEC today: a diverse and capable company which rises to conquer any challenge.
Combination of Innovation and Experience
If no two problems are ever the same, then each solution is also unique. We at HR-MARSEC will offer you the Bespoke solutions which you need to tackle any security challenge.