CCTV & Security Technology


Just as IT professionals need to adapt and overcome challenges in a changing environment, so to must security professionals understand that we live in a digital age. The company which finds itself behind the times when it comes to security technology places itself at great risk.

Relevant Information

HR-MARSEC has succeeded in being a leader at providing the best services through personnel who are trained in using cutting edge security technology as both physical and IT security merge together more and more in the modern era. These services have been provided to clients both on land and at sea.


High resolution, efficient and smart Closed Circuit Television systems are applied.
24/7 control room management is applied by HR-MARSEC for satisfied clients worldwide.
HR-MARSEC personnel are highly trained in the use of detection equipment, both automated and manual.
The Company has trained clientele to integrate such technologies as drone surveillance and biometric access into their security programs.


Do not be left behind when it comes to modern security technology. Make sure that you employ the correct professionals to bring your company up to the highest standards of asset protection and stay there!
Hybrid security using both well-trained security professionals who are technologically proficient is a key to reducing risk and securing your assets.
Technological solutions can help foresee potential problems and prevent them from even occurring and causing damage.
Time-consuming tasks which were once conducted manually can now be conducted more expediently by security teams trained in modern security tech
Clients can take control and have complete and direct influence over securing their own assets 24/7.

Key Benefits

HR-MARSEC ensures that you receive service of the highest standards of service available in the global security market with solutions tailor-made to suit your needs.
Clients of HR-MARSEC are able to draw upon the experience and knowledge base of some of the most accomplished veterans of the Israeli Security Establishment such as veterans of the Defence Force, Police and Intelligence Services.
As a global company with international branches, HR-MARSEC makes sure to be certified and industry compliant in every theatre it operates in, anywhere in the world.

Dedicated Customer Teams & Agile Services

Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.