Close Protection


The protection of high net worth individuals is a high priority task of HR-MARSEC. We can train and deploy highly specialised teams who are dedicated to the safety and security of a third party whilst ensuring that such an individual can go about their daily business safely and unhindered.

Relevant Information

HR-MARSEC provides a wide range of services pertaining to the protection of prominent and threatened individuals. This includes risk and threat assessments of such persons, the training close protection agents to the highest standards, or the deployment of incredibly capable CP professionals, clients who are protected by HR-MARSEC receive the peace of mind that they deserve knowing that they are in the safekeeping of true professionals

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• Training of Highly Professional CP Teams and personnel
• Risk Assessments pertaining to the Principal
• Logistics & Route planning
• Mobile Close Protection Teams
• Counter Surveillance measures
• Residential Security Teams
• Use of the most up to date and relevant equipment both for training and for operations
• Defensive Driving training and capabilities
• Ability to provide services globally in both training and deployment
• Use of some of the finest facilities in Israel and abroad such as shooting ranges and simulations.
• Relevant and effective hand to hand combat training through
• The protection of dignitaries and VIPs is provided for from high risk to low risk environments worldwide.
• Counter Surveillance measures are both taught and employed by HR-MARSEC through use of technology and the professional human element


Do not place your personal security in the hands of amateurs and non-professionals, use only the best when it comes to your personal wellbeing.
Former dignitary protection agents and CPOs of the highest standard form part of the HR-MARSEC CP team
High Profile clientele have been using HR-MARSEC for their peace-of-mind for many years.
HR-MARSEC will allow a principal to go about his or her day unhindered and free from fear of being harmed.
No stone will be left unturned and no potential threats left unscrutinised by an HR-MARSEC CP team.

Key Benefits

HR-MARSEC ensures that you receive service of the highest standards of service available in the global security market with solutions tailor-made to suit your needs.
Clients of HR-MARSEC are able to draw upon the experience and knowledge base of some of the most accomplished veterans of the Israeli Security Establishment such as veterans of the Defence Force, Police and Intelligence Services.
As a global company with international branches, HR-MARSEC makes sure to be certified and industry compliant in every theatre it operates in, anywhere in the world.

Dedicated Customer Teams & Agile Services

Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.