Security Intelligence Services


If you are thinking of opening up a new facility in a foreign country, or sending a vessel into unfamiliar waters, it is best to have all of the facts at hand. Company Security Officers need to see the full intelligence picture instead of making important decisions in the dark. HR-MARSEC has a wealth of experience in providing information to high profile clients in order to assist them in making the correct choices.

Relevant Information

HR-MARSEC has conducted research all over the world employing a variety of legal methods to obtain information.


OSINT or Open Source Intelligence is derived from sources such as the internet or local broadcasting networks for example. Any OSINT acquired by HR-MARSEC is thoroughly collated and scrutinised by intelligence professionals before it is considered a piece of the puzzle.
HUMINT or Human Intelligence is the acquisition of information from a human source. HR-MARSEC Employees have a multitude of experience in acquiring and assessing information of this nature
These services are not only provided in Israel or the Middle East but Worldwide and vary from terror threat assessments to assessments of local crime and political undercurrents and situations


HR-MARSEC considers the handling of information to be paramount to the success of any operation which faces potential risk. HR-MARSEC will conduct Intelligence related activities with the utmost professionalism for their clientele as well as provide informed, relevant and satisfying outcomes.
Information will be acquired by all legal means available.
Collate and determine what information is relevant
Make an informed decision based on the Intelligence
Apply the decision and work towards a successful outcome

Key Benefits

HR-MARSEC ensures that you receive service of the highest standards of service available in the global security market with solutions tailor-made to suit your needs
Clients of HR-MARSEC are able to draw upon the experience and knowledge base of some of the most accomplished veterans of the Israeli Security Establishment such as veterans of the Defence Force, Police and Intelligence Services.
As a global company with international branches, HR-MARSEC makes sure to be certified and industry compliant in every theatre it operates in, anywhere in the world.

Dedicated Customer Teams & Agile Services

Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.