Security Training


The knowledge base of HR-MARSEC is drawn from the diverse experiences of the personnel who work for the company. Training is provided to clients by trainers who have served at both the highest and most operational levels of the Israeli Security Establishment as well as professionals from overseas services.

Relevant Information

The fields of security for which we provide training include:

Maritime Security: (Including anti-piracy) as well as ISPS and IMO compliant security personnel for both vessels and ports.

Industrial Security: Security Convergence has seen a rise in the use of advanced technology in the security industry. It is imperative that personnel who are responsible for aspects such as access control and asset monitoring are up to date and skilled in the use of the most relevant and effective tools of the trade such as biometric access devices and motion detection systems to name but a few.

Company Security Management: It is necessary to train and brief personnel from the top down. Risk and Resilience Managers need to be well trained and versed in implementing and overseeing the correct methods of incident management without being a drain or detriment to their company. HR-MARSEC has conducted many seminars and training courses for security executive level personnel worldwide leaving clientele satisfied that they have gained extra tools and methods to solve risk related problems

Cyber Security and IT: HR-MARSEC is capable of providing seminars and courses run by some of the most accomplished members of this field. Hand in Hand with graduates from government cyber security units, HR-MARSEC is capable of ensuring that your personnel will grow as IT security professionals and gain the most relevant and recent knowledge in cyber threats, thus equipping them to take initiative and deter even the most modern of threats.

Close Protection: Our Close protection training has satisfied the needs of clients worldwide. At HR-MARSEC, our trainers are graduates from elite bodyguard agencies and have guarded some of the most High Profile government leaders in the world. Anyone who wishes to know more about taking their personal security seriously must see our Close Protection section.


High Risk Environments: It is the belief of this company that only security operators of the highest level of expertise should be entrusted with the safeguarding of people and assets in High Risk environments. This is reflected in our training programs for participants who wish to enter this industry and why long standing professionals choose HR-MARSEC as their industry compliant training provider. Instructors from HR-MARSEC have a wide range of expertise in dealing with hostile threats on both land and sea all over the world.



Use of qualified and experienced instructors from renowned units from both the Israeli Forces and from other countries.

Training is conducted in the best facilities and ranges that Israel has to offer.

Weapons and Equipment supplied for training are up to date and relevant to the task for which clientele are being trained for.

HR-MARSEC has both ex-law enforcement and ex-military personnel on staff who are familiar with both lethal and non-lethal weapon systems.

State of the art technology will allow for security personnel who are trained by HR-MARSEC to be kept up to date and employable with the rise of security convergence between IT and Physical security.

HR-MARSEC will encourage trainees to think beyond the “left of bang / right of bang” risk management methodology and trainees are encouraged to solve problems which they encounter effectively and innovatively.


HR-MARSEC has been an accredited training provider worldwide for a number of years. The company has trained personnel to function from low risk to high risk environments on both land and sea.

A multitude of assets and people are safe and sound as you are reading thanks to the efforts of hundreds of security personnel who have undergone training through HR-MARSEC.

Many maritime security professionals have gone on to have successful and accomplished careers through the guidance and training of HR-MARSEC in both safety and security


Bespoke training solutions which are suited to the needs of the client make HR-MARSEC a worthy training investment.
Years of teaching and instructing security professionals both on land and at sea puts HR-MARSEC clientele ahead.
HR-MARSEC has chosen to be a leader in modern security and is ahead of security convergence and technology.
High standards and high-level training from some of the most accomplished experts in the security field.

Key Benefits

HR-MARSEC ensures that you receive service of the highest standards of service available in the global security market with solutions tailor-made to suit your needs.
Clients of HR-MARSEC are able to draw upon the experience and knowledge base of some of the most accomplished veterans of the Israeli Security Establishment such as veterans of the Defence Force, Police and Intelligence Services
As a global company with international branches, HR-MARSEC makes sure to be certified and industry compliant in every theatre it operates in, anywhere in the world.

Dedicated Customer Teams & Agile Services

Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.